The Mission is Simple

  • Work smart.
  • Play hard.
  • Laugh a lot.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Amen.

My name is Susie Minshew. I am a bowlist. I am nuts about this sport. On this site, you'll find free bowling tips, some great bowling accessories in the store, and information on bowling lessons and bowling coaching. I hope you enjoy the site and that you will visit often and give me your feedback on how it could be better. The more you know about this intriguing sport, the more you want to know. I want the site to be fun, make you smile, and give you a lot of awe-ha moments. After all, what if the hokey-pokey is really what it's all about?:)

I started bowling when I was 38 (because someone asked me) and when I saw I wasn't going to get any better without some help, found a coach. His name is Bill Harris and he has single-handedly populated the Halls of Fame of Texas with his students. I was having a great time learning and started helping him with his classes. I had been a public school teacher and although I was making a fortune at $7400 a year, had left the profession for management in the corporate world. And now here I was, teaching again, only this time it was a passion instead of a job.

I had been working in Logistics Management in hospitals during the day and taking lessons and bowling in the evenings and on weekends. The day job was a way to afford what I had found I really loved, bowling. Understanding that I was hooked and wanting to teach others about this wonderful sport, I attended the first open Bronze Coaching class offered by USA Bowling in Hartford, Connecticut in March 1992, the first Silver Coaching Class in April 1994, and received Gold Coach status in 2000.

My clientele began to build and on March 18, 1995, I took the plunge quitting the day job. I was worried that everyone worked during the day and I couldn't make a living teaching bowling but understood it was my 'sweet spot' and I had to try. To my surprise, there are all kinds of people who are available during the day: pilots, nurses, shift workers, self-employed people, etc. Some go to work late, come for lessons at lunch, or take off early. I have been teaching bowling for a living since that time.

I have been a coach with our national team, Team USA, as well as the coach for the Republic of Panama for the 1995 World Championships. I've given thousands of private lessons and clinics all over the country and been on the staff of Super School since its birth in 1997. I'm a Master Silver Instructor for USBC and have taught over 60 Bronze and Silver Coaching Classes.

I've served two terms on the IBPSIA Board of Directors, one as the first coach and first woman to be elected President. I've been a presenter at the International Coaching Summit ten times and I was fortunate to be on the Selection Committee for Team USA four times. I was the first two-time USOC Bowling Coach of the Year. I've won the Joyce Deitch Trailblazer Award and won 'Best Coach in the Nation' in a poll on

I created Bowling Success Camp in 2003. It featured an extraordinary staff of premier coaches, mental game experts, and professional players to help all level of bowlers improve their skills. I helped design the BPAA's Coach It Up program and have chaired the BPAA Coaching Committee.

I am one of only seven coaches in the world certified to teach for BowlU. An incredibly innovative and different way to teach the sport, this unique system will get you all fired up again about your game. Skill Development camps are two day events with the first day being outdoors! How cool is that? Check out the teaching schedule in the Camps and Clinics Section of the Strikeability store.