Norm Duke's Learn to Bowl Competitively DVD
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Bowling Tip #1

Please keep this in mind your entire bowling life. Every shot you have ever thrown is in your head. Every shot you have ever seen anyone else throw is in your head. Every shot you have ever seen on television is in your head. Those thousands and thousands of shots are quite an inventory. They are a wealth of information for you. With all of that experience in your head, how can you ever doubt a move that you decide to make?

Bowling Tip #2

Your game is constantly evolving. It will not stay the same and it won't always be sharp. Just when you think you don't have another 134 game left in you, out it comes. Peak performance levels are cyclical. That's what causes slumps. Bowling great doesn't last forever and neither does a slump.

Bowling Tip #3

It's almost impossible to hit your target if you're not looking at it. Additionally, if you're not looking at it and you hit it, how will you know? Since you shouldn't make an adjustment unless you've thrown the ball pretty much like you wanted to and hit what you wanted to hit, you'll also not make a good adjustment. There may be something that will screw you up worse than adjusting off a bad shot, but I can't think what it might be.

Bowling Tip #4

If it's difficult for you to watch your target until the ball rolls over it, try this. Think of your eyesight as a laser beam. Laser your target. Make it smoke! That beam to the target will really help you stay focused. You'll be surprised how much easier it is to hit when you're looking at it! It has probably happened to you that you are looking at your target and on the way to the foul line it just seems to blur out and you don't know if you hit it or not. Lasering will reduce this phenomenon. It will also help eliminate the tendency to pull your eyes off the target as soon as you let the ball go. Don't laser the second arrow. Laser the right edge of the base of it. Looking this precisely will also help you to be more accurate because you are more focused.

Bowling Tip #5

Now we're going to make a MENTAL trip to the office supply store. Go to the section that has Avery labels. You will find a package of 2" circular labels in your favorite color - neon pink, purple, bright red, whatever it might be. Buy the package and put it in your ball bag. Anytime you have difficulty seeing your target, when the glare of synthetics is too much, or there's no dark board in the pines, just pull one of these labels out and mentally put it wherever you're looking. Laser that dot. You'll be amazed how well you can see it!