Bowlers Paradise - A great site for your online bowling shopping, tips from me, Dr. Dean, Lenny Nicholson, and Brian Voss plus the entertaining Jason Thomas and The Bowling Show.

Bowling This Month - Bowling's premier magazine for the elite player.

Mental Management - You hit pins with your head! Great information about conquering the mental game from a Strikeability partner.

Talk Tenpin - A brand new and very exciting website about bowling in Europe. It's currently the fastest growing site about UK bowling. Lots of good videos and articles. Check it out!

Bowling Concepts - This site is a source for bowling jewelry, shirts, and hard-to-find name patches for the back of your bowling shirt.

Interesting Bowling Videos - A wonderful site by Coach Kenn Melvin from Northern Ireland- some of best bowling video clips and analysis in cyberspace.

Phantom Radio - Listen every week to stories and interviews on bowling's first internet radio show.

Conrad B. Smith - USBC Coach - An interesting site from an introspective coach in Washington state.

Tenpin Bowling All Over the Web - Every bowling site you can imagine in the world. An excellent guide to bowling worldwide.

The Foundation - The latest updates on international tournaments and lanes and lane play research.