The BowlU Skill Development Camp

presented by Susie Minshew

Bring an open mind!

I BelieveBowlist Susie Minshew is proud to be one of only 7 BowlU Coaches on the planet!

BowlU is an innovative way to teach the sport. It was observed and developed over 30+ years of studying the elite players of the PBA Tour and international scene by coach extraordinaire Rick Benoit. Think you can't teach feel? Yes, you can.

Through the use of the clever teaching tools like Kiik pins, Orbs, Fol balls, and Blocks from Eileen's Bowling Buddy, you'll learn a bunch of drills you can use at home to improve your game. You'll get where you're going a lot faster when the components of your game are honed beautifully with these drills.

How different is BowlU? Well, the first day of the two day camp is outdoors. How's that for different? We'll build an outdoor lane so you can really see the Triangle. As Rick says, "Bowling always has been, is, and always will be about transition." Recognizing and managing transition is what it's all you get to the Triangle.

There will be drill stations all around the outdoor area with the teaching tools. You'll stop at each one to learn a new skill or reinforce something you've already learned. We'll toss pins and even learn to wall bowl!

On Sunday, we'll be at Harmony Bowl putting into practice all the good stuff we learned on Saturday. This camp is so much fun and so unique. Come join Coach Susie and Bowling Buddies creator Rex Byron and get all fired up about your game again!

Sign up here for Colorado Springs Nov 8 and 9, 2014.

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