Part Deux - Learning anything new is merely an opportunity to strengthen my mental game

Dear Susie,

The rest of this week was still spring break, so I spent the majority of the days entertaining and parenting the miniature people that live here. We got the weight machine uncovered and dusted off and I started a daily leg lift and stair-stepper program; watched all my PBA shows and slo-mo'd all the footwork trying to visualize how the body tilts to guide the swing down the target line; delivered an old ten pound plastic ball to Ross to drill on Monday; took the kids bowling Friday and threw balls 'til I was drenched in sweat...

Results were mixed, if not disappointing; similar results in today's league, i.e. I can cross over and dance down the line and swing the ball back, but have trouble committing to the slide and release close enough to my ankle - and everything goes off to the right. The body position feels right up to a point, then I sense a loss of control. Of course, the scores went down and I immediately went searching for articles to reinforce your instruction and ran across Dr. Hinitz' stuff on Bowlers Paradise dot com.

I now realize what you were getting at...and more. There's a huge opportunity to strengthen my mental game during this period, to let go of the numbers and concentrate on awareness, watching ball reaction, and getting re-aquainted with the humble love of this game that should be present with each exercise and ball thrown for this process to work. Okay, I get it. I'm going to refocus and let my strong points, head and heart, lead the muscles at a steady but determined rate...I'll take the medicine of lower scores and make a positive out of it. Tommorrow is another league and I'm going to relax and get the most out of every ball that I can, paying attention to the approach basics, lane conditions and mental/physical awareness - regardless of score.

I'll be back someday. Next week I'm going to hit the one step drills hard at home, then add some one step throws with the ten pound ball later - back muscles permitting. When you're right you are right, and I stand corrected...this is like starting over, not some change in hand position.

But, I CAN do it - and will! I look forward to scattering the pins again, but all in good time...thanks for listening,

David Hasty