I Love My Job!

From Wayne Barnes, Colorado Springs 01-16-04

Would you believe that I would shoot a 300 in the first league game following our lesson? Well I did. That was one powerful lesson. I had a good look in practice and focused on keeping my index finger white and flushed 12 shots (no Brooklyn, no light mixers, just 12 solid shots). This would make a great testimonial if you ever need one.

Thanks again for your suggestions. I felt very good leaving the center on Wednesday after the lesson but never had any idea this would happen. The time I spent with you had a cleansing effect; I got rid of all my questions and nagging doubts and replaced those negatives with some positive thoughts and the results are clear. And you gave me much more that I will continue to work on, such as working to ghet a quicker release, better leverage positioin, etc.

Would you consider a move to Colorado? Thanks.