An Impressed Customer

Dear Susie,

I recently purchased some of your graphic aids and we shared some brief e-mails about our bowling experiences.

I'm writing this note because I just finished reading your articles in the 'Learn' section of the website and I had to tell you that "I'm Amazed". This condition of amazement is simply because they are so novel, so easy to understand and so powerful.

I have a collection of bowling books that spans writings from the 1950's to the latest books released in 2002. I subscribe to almost every bowling publication available and in my youth, I attended training programs taught by Bill Lillard and Bill Bunetta (most bowlers I know never heard of either of these two Greats). In spite of my long study of the game with all the resources mentioned above, I have never (and I mean never) had someone explain important aspects of the game in such an easy to understand and practical manner. Also, I have never heard anyone even use some of the concepts and techniques that you describe in your mini articles - which are actually quite complete and detailed.

I am no expert, but in my humble opinion, you MUST write a book!!!! But don't just take my word for it, here is a real life example. I had been in a long slump (two months) and I happened to read your article, entitled, "You Drifter, You". I couldn't wait to apply this tip and I did so for the first time in league play (before I read some of your other tips about not practicing in league). Nonetheless, I averaged over 200 for the night and had one of the most consistent 30 frames of my season.

In spite of how this note sounds, I am seldom inspired to write such complimentary words. Lest you think my praise and encouragement to write a book was just the product of busting my slump, I want you to know that writing this note never occurred to me until I read the remainder of the articles on your site.

I realize that this can't be the first time that someone has encouraged you to put your novel ideas and clear explanations in a book that would unquestionably become a "pearl" in any bowlers training arsenal. Please tally my note as just another vote of encouragement. More importantly, please tell me that your book is already in process!!

Still amazed,

Richard Wiltse Miami Beach, Florida

P.S. Thanks for introducing me to Mildred!