As any of you know who know me, I am very adamant about wearing jeans to bowl. I think wearing them to bowl is demeaning to the sport and prevents a good knee bend. I know, I know. "These jeans are real baggy and they don't bother me a bit." I have seen it way too much to think it doesn't matter. It matters. It is tough to bend your knees in any denim. Lots of people thought I was prejudiced (I didn't have any jeans) or just plain nuts. After all, 'everybody' wears jeans to bowl in, they said.

When I moved to the country three years ago, I thought jeans might be a good idea as I became steward of this five acres of the planet. I have eight pair and cannot wait to get home and put them on. Believe me, I now understand totally the comfort issue. I even have 'work outside pairs' and 'going into town pairs'! They are surely comfortable. That doesn't change how I feel about them as not being conducive to good knee bend. I still do not believe in wearing them even into the center much less to bowl. Here's a letter from Don Kramer of Houston who made his own discoveries about this very subject.

"I did not know the jeans thing was such an important issue. I wore my golf-bowling togs most of last year. Did so primarily because I thought I should help raise the level of the sport. I wear jeans around the house most of the time and just got lazy. Did not want to bother changing clothes. I was not bowling well toward the end of the year and decided my whole being - attitude, work ethic and appearance needed a change. So I went back to my 'nice clothes'. Had a couple of high 600's at the (easy house) the last two weeks and averaged 200 at the (brickyard) since the change in apparel. Needless to say I will never wear jeans to again to the lanes."