Self- Doubt

My apologies, Most Worthy Teacher, I left the path, but have returned, humbled. (Bear with me for 60 seconds or so here . . .)

Boeing in the Seattle area held a 'Tournament of Champions' for winners of the 12 or so leagues they sponsor. Synthetics, 40-42 feet of oil. I stood 20 and shot 6 board at the arrows, starting with four in a row and had 184 in the 8th and a spare when the first ball in the 10th jumped on the headpin, luckily leaving only a 10 pin. I told myself it was 10th frame jitters and forced myself to make every motion correct, so of course I missed the spare to end up with 223.

Second game, ball jumped to the headpin again and for the rest of the second game, I tried making sure that I was 1) following through, 2) not rotating my hand, 3) not bending over at the foul line, or 4) forcing my armswing. End result: 177.

Third game, first ball on the headpin again, luckily no split and I picked it up. Next ball, said 'this is ridiculous, I just shot a 275 on a flat oil Sport shot last week (really!) so my game is good, JUST MOVE!!! Moved 4 boards left, moved target two boards left, ended third game with seven strikes out of eight first ball attempts, and my delivery worked like I'd never had a problem for a 238. . . Duh!

I will not doubt myself again. I'm better than that.


Conrad B. Smith

Renton, Washington