Bowling Tip #36

Grab your right ankle with your right hand and pull your foot up behind you until you touch your hip. Now do the same with your left hand and your left ankle. In addition to this, some people also stretch differently by grabbing the right ankle with the left hand and the left ankle with the right hand.

Bowling Tip #37

Hold on to a seat or table if you need to and stretch your right leg out behind you keeping your heel on the floor to stretch your hamstring. Don't bounce and don't try and stretch until you hurt. Just feel it pull slightly. Repeat with your other leg.

Bowling Tip #38

Before you put your wrist brace on, stretch your arm out in front of you and pull your fingers back keeping your wrist and elbow straight. Also pull the hand down with your wrist and elbow straight. This stretches the tendons you'll be using in bowling and helps loosen them up as well as stretching the wrist.

Bowling Tip #39

Put your right hand on your left elbow and push the elbow up by your head keeping it bent. Then move your upper arm across your throat and push gently on the elbow toward your back. Repeat with other arm. This will loosen up your shoulder muscles.

These few stretches take about 30 seconds and can really help prevent injury. Check with your doctor before you do any stretching exercises, even these simple ones.

Bowling Tip #40

The ball should contact the lane as though it were an airplane landing. Cramming the ball INTO the lane instead of laying it ONTO the lane creates a very poor and inconsistent roll besides causing lane damage. That's why knee bend is so important. You've got to get your body into a position to lay the ball down. The more upright you are, the higher the position of the ball for delivery. Banging the ball on the lane is loud, embarrassing, and kills the roll. Other than that, it's a good idea.